Goddess Harem

The Tiger’s Offer

When Tina stumbled into that werewolf strip club, she never expected to walk out with the powers of a fertility goddess, but now that she has, well… she made a list.

Step 1: Get a handle on her unruly new magic.

Step 2: Convince the five shifter princes fighting over her that sharing is caring.

Step 3: Experience sex the way only a fertility goddess can.

There’s just one problem.

Step 4: Try not to die when priestesses come out of the woodwork to take her new magic for themselves.

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The Wolf’s Hunt

As a human fused with the only goddess on Earth, Tina is a wanted woman… in both good ways and bad.

When Tina chose all five of the stunning shifter princes who were fighting over her, she never could have expected the sheer number of enemies that would crawl out of the woodwork to hunt her down and take her powers for themselves.

Now that they’re after her, she made the deadliest to-do list in history.

Step 1: Finally master her powerful new magic while avoiding the five kingdoms that want to add her to their weapons arsenal.

Step 2: Protect her five beloved shifter princes from the priestess who wants them all dead.

Step 3: Discover who keeps trying to frame her for murder. And, of course…

Step 4: Try not to die when three legendary gods come to Earth… especially when each of them is more deadly than the last.

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The Dragon’s War

The Exciting Conclusion to the Hit Series!

Not long ago, Tina Andrews was a nobody with a dead-end job and nothing to look forward to. Now, though, she has it all: money, fame, five super-hot men, and the magic of a fertility goddess. Powerful people want to take it all from her, but she’s not going down without one hell of a fight. 

With a war on the horizon and enemies everywhere, she’s made a list to protect herself and the people she loves.

Step 1: Keep her five handsome princes safe from the powerful man who wants them all dead. 

Step 2: Expose the identity of the murderer who’s been framing her.

Step 3: Stop the war brewing between the five shifter nations.

Oh, and one more thing…

Step 4: Don’t die when a heartless socialite with a dark past comes out of the shadows, trying to drain Tina’s magic for herself.

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